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We wish to introduce our self as one of the leading upcoming consultancy and advisor for Employees State insurance Corporation, Employees Provident Fund, Inspector of Factories, GST Registration,Income Tax Filing, Labour Contract and labour contract license. We have been contributing our esteemed service in the areas of ESI and PF since the year 2016 Currently we are providing our services to more than 83+ clients. We have experienced staffs.

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We are your choice for fully computerized services. Our clientele includes esteemed firms spanning various industries, such as TAFE, Fenner Contractors, Fuscos Matriculation, jewelry shops, educational institutions, and construction companies. We proudly extend our expertise throughout the Chennai, Madurai, Dindugul, Kodaikanal, Ramanathapuram, Virudhunagar, and Sivagangai districts.

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Employees Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO)

Welcome to the Employees Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO). We specialize in simplifying the registration process for establishments, obtaining PF numbers, and facilitating the issuance of UAN (Universal Account Number) for employees. Our dedicated team ensures seamless KYC updation for employees and manages the processing of challans for timely monthly PF contribution payments.

Employees State Insurance Corporation (ESI)

Employees State Insurance Corporation (ESI).We register through online portal and take ESI number for establishment, after that we proceed with employer code and we process to take ESI number for employees and workout on it and process challan and make monthly payment to ESIC contribution.

GST Registration and Filing

Our efficient approach starts with online GST registration and obtaining your GST number. We expertly manage the collection of purchase and sales invoices, guaranteeing accuracy. Timely filing of monthly returns, in accordance with GSTR3B and GSTR1 due dates, ensures your compliance and business continuity. With our services, navigating GST registration and filing becomes a seamless process.

Labour Contract Licence

Labour Contract Licence.We collect the required documents for labour license and process through online portal and register. We maintain labour books every month and we renewal labour contract license every year and we attend and complete hearing and inspections. We handle document collection, online registration, bookkeeping, annual renewals, and expertly manage hearings and inspections to ensure your compliance.

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Experience tailored financial guidance with our seasoned team, serving diverse industries and regions. Explore our comprehensive services in ESI, PF, GST, Income Tax, and more.

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Benefit from our seasoned team's expert advice in areas like ESI, PF, GST, and Income Tax, backed by our track record of excellence in ESI and PF services since 2016.

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Our cutting-edge technology streamlines the process from document collection to compliance management, ensuring accuracy and timeliness at every stage.

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We proudly serve a diverse clientele spanning education, construction, manufacturing, and more, offering tailored solutions across Chennai, Madurai, Dindugul, Kodaikanal, Ramanathapuram, Virudhunagar, and Sivagangai districts.

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